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Vesuvianite - Jeffrey Mine, Quebec, Canada

Vesuvianite - Jeffrey Mine, Quebec, Canada

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Large Vesuvianite crystal from the long-closed Jeffrey Mine, a former asbestos quarry in Val-des-Sources, Estrie, Quebec, Canada. Once a prolific source of Garnet, Vesuvianite, and other minerals, specimen mining has not occurred here since 2001!

This piece would be considered very large for the species/locality. Most single crystals are less than a couple of grams, while this one is over eight. The crystal has really neat growth markings on the faces and a highly complex termination. With its green exterior and Manganoan purple core, this is almost like a watermelon tourmaline, but a Vesuvianite instead. A special piece!

~1.6 x 1.6cm - 8.12g

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